Jose F. Hernandez, Composer

Jose F. Hernandez, Composer

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Composers. Arrangers. Performers. Editors. Engravers. Engineers.

(and Probably more jobs I don't even know exist)

The Commercial Music world is a big place, and there's a job for every niche. Behind the Backing Track is a podcast about well,
The Backing Track.

Musicians of all trades and specializations are brought on to talk the how and the why of their work, as well as their experiences on the job. Topics and responsilbilities from the pre-production to the release party are all covered here. New Episodes come out the last Monday of every month.


Episode 1 - Sam Gossner and Simon Dalzell

Sam Gossner of Versilian Studios and Simon Dalzell of Ivy Audio sit in together for this couch-styled conversation, covering Instrument Libraries and Sampling Audio. Listen here.

Episode 2 - Kristofer Maddigan

Composer of Cuphead and Orchestral Percussionist for the National Ballet of Canada, Kristofer Maddigan offers insight to the process of writing music for the game and how effective troping certain styles adds to an aesthetic. Listen here.

Episode 3 - Catering to Clientele w/ Sam Gossner

Sam Gossner, Head of Versilian Studios, comes on to talk about what steps to take to ensure a positive relationship between you and your clients. Listen here.

Episode 4 - Carlos Eiene (insaneintherainmusic)

Youtube musician Carlos Eiene, AKA insaneintherainmusic, comes on to talk about inspirations, arrangement concepts and philosophies, and the balance of making content you want to make, and content your audience wants you to make. Listen here.

Episode 5 - Braxton burks & Pokemon Reorchestrated

Braxton Burks, the mastermind behind Kanto Symphony and subsequent Pokemon Reorchestrated releases, talks about his recent Johto Legends release, connecting with recording artists all over the country, and Pokemon in general. Listen here.

Episode 6 - what you can do right now w/ Sam Gossner

Sam Gossner of Versilian Studios returns to talk more about being aggressive about opportunities, and what you can do at this instant to pursue them. Listen here.

Episode 7 - James Landino

James Landino, world-renown Electronic Music composer, comes onto the show to talk about the journey he's taken from start to finish, and how exactly everything has fit into the puzzle for him. Listen here.